Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Splurge on myself

With all of the excitement going on around here with my kiddos and the constant falling of snow (yes, even today), I haven't been feeling very creative.

Took my tall girl on a date last night and splurged on some beads for just me and I love how they turned out that I just had to share.

Hopefully this is the beginning of some more wonderful creations.

The tags say "dyed imperial jasper green lentil". Nice and smooth and the verigated colors are amazing. 

The tag says "sapphire Australian jasper".

I have a thing for Jasper in case you didn't know. Can't wait to wear them out and get some thoughts on them.

I have missed you all while I've been drowning in my northern Wisconsin winter. So glad to see all the robins around. Counted 39 on one patch of grass this past Sunday on our way home from church.