Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June creations

This is what I get up to when I'm laid up and the power goes out.
These cool beads were found by one of my FPT friends.
 These are millifiori and stone beads. Made myself a ring like this that I love.


Some more fun beads found by my FPT friend. 



Bracelet and necklace set.

Another set of fun beads found.



Millifiori and clear. Alternating lines on the beads make it fun.


Another interesting find.

Found these in my stash while keeping busy during the storm.


Another fun find.


Rainbow shell beads and goldstone.

 Girls's favorites. Wooden.

 Created by my Amber girl.

 Another Amber girl creation.

 These were found by my Dad. Finally found a cool way to use them.

 Rainbow shell with wood.

 Wood with black agate


Flourite and wood.


Some more fun finds.

 Jade and mother-of-pearl

Millifiori and clear. 


Matching necklace minus the millifiori

Matching necklace to the flourite and wood.



Some more fun finds.


Rainbow shell and black.

Black agate ring

 The girls have named this the Hula ring.


I think I'm going to send this one to my yarning friend who handed me a worry stone when I needed it.

Hope you enjoyed them. Feel free to contact me on any that you would like to own and watch for these and more coming to Etsy.