Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to the start of my dream come true

Almost 8 years ago, my husband and I being newly married were enjoying a blessed life.
I love the way we started our life together. I spent that first year realizing what a blessed life felt like. My previous life had been filled with more heartache and pain than it had been filled with good things. My husband and I were married on a Friday in his parents backyard (former farmland in Northwoods Wisconsin). Sunset wedding, the rain stopped just long enough for the ceremony and a handful of dances. We camped out in a tent back in the woods and the rain started again. We packed all weekend and moved to Colorado on Monday.
Loved living in Colorado. Miss it almost every day. We thought that all of our dreams could come true there.We bought a nice hard covered journal to fill our together; to fill it with our dreams.

Trying to figure out how to accomplish all of our dreams on such limited resources. We came up with Radtke Customs. A company where we could create and build what we love and share it with the world. Being able to find the precise things we want, the way we want it proved hard to do. We looked at our skills and realized that with a little more training, we could do these things. Just being able to have the time to do all of these things proved to be the challenge.

Fast forward to 3 children and 8 years later. We are starting with my jewelry leg of the company. Simple jewelry inspired by life with my daughters. If it's going to get in the way of daily life with my girls, I am not going to wear it. I know many moms who refrain from wearing jewelry just for this reason. My leg of the company is focused on finding ways to make moms' lives simpler while allowing the fancy touches that make us feel special.

I am working on tempting my husband to work on his custom crafted woodwork. He built all of our furniture when we were living in Colorado. He almost built us a couch and a chair but he didn't have the knowledge of upholstery yet. He gets the itch and then decides that he's rather spend time with the girls. Pretty soon they'll be old enough that he can teach them to build with him.

Watching my girls grow up and watching their skills grow, I am very excited for the future and the legs of the company that they may grow as they grow themselves.