Thursday, September 6, 2012

All my monkeys are in school

Well, part of the day at least. Which means more time for creating.
Worry Stones for going back to school.


 A little something for the Packer fans.


 A little red white and blue.

 A little more.

 Some odds and ends that were speaking to me. What do you think of their combination?


This one is for me. I lost the Lapis Lazuli that I've been wearing. So, I went searching through my lapidary notes for some stones to soothe my pains. (Believe in it or not but they do make good combinations.)

I found a page that read, "Garnet = regenerative, helps flesh and tissue heal, bring comfort to bereaved, help in times of loss and change." Sounds like something I could use right now and I happened to have some on hand. Now what to go with it? I found, "Aquamarine = easing of fears and phobias, writers, journalists, people who work in media, aids positive communication with large audiences." Sounded good and I had some of that on hand as well. Leading to the creation pictured above. Looks really good mixed in with my wooden prayer beads.

Hope you enjoyed seeing all of my new creations.